Native Union: $15 Voucher

I received a $15 voucher for Native Union and won’t be using it. I believe this is one time use, so you can use it. The code is: sugar7181HLXO

Another Way to Test: E-tail PR


In the past, I have spoken about many programs where you can get things for free.  By free, of course, I don’t mean you take it and run expecting to do nothing for the other person.  By free, I mean you don’t pay money for the product.  You, of course, would pay with your time [...]

Spooky Eyes’ Contact Lenses


I was lucky enough to try out a pair of Spooky Eyes‘ new lens line Dream Eyes.  I tried Natural Shine Violet Contact Lenses.  I am not sure how big the lens is supposed to be.  It was considerably bigger than my small irises, but it did cling to my eye a bit better than [...]