So, I found myself with some free time today.  OK, I don’t really have free time, but I heard a song about a year ago on Pandora, and I loved it, then my boyfriend recently added a song to my playlist on his Spotify that he thought I’d like.  I was heading home from the bank when I listened to it and realized a great similarity between the two songs.  Even though there are plenty of more productive things I could be doing, my curiosity over came me, and I began my search for understanding.  This is what I found.

Start the videos at the times listed to coordinate the music

The original song began as Clint Mansell’s Lux Aeterna. A theme song for the trippy movie Requiem for a Dream 3:36. Honestly the first three sound better with out the last one.

Then that same gentleman remixed it to become Requiem for a Tower for the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’ movie trailer and games 0:47

Then numerous artists covered it including Escala which is the song my boyfrind shared with me 1:08

And at one point it became this incredibly epic song 300 Violin Orchestra for which I originally heard. Turn up the volume for best enjoyment. 0:30

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Long Time No Post

I know it’s been about two months since I last posted something.  I hope to be back next year with more consistent posting.  The reason for my absence is simply explained, but in reality quite complicated.  I have seven life jobs right now:

  1. Two actual jobs: one is at a farm, and the other at a pharmacy.
  2. An Etsy Business
  3. I am a single mother
  4. I am in a relationship
  5. Church calling (slacking)
  6. This Blog (which clearly I am failing at)

Some of these, to me, do not feel like work, but they take up a lot of my time.  These things are the reasons for my absence.  I do have a post I plan to post before the end of the year on a spice subscription service, but I don’t think I will have time to post much else.  This coming month will certainly inspire many posts, but will not be written until next year.

Happy Holidays to all.  Peace be with you.

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Rocksbox Two Years Later

Check out my original Rocksbox posts: Set 1+Review, Set 2, & Set 3

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WP_20150323_17_07_33_Pro [1191009] Wow. I can’t believe I haven’t written this blog entry all ready. A lovely lady named Mandy hooked me up with a free 3 month subscription and to be honest, I kind of forgot about the idea behind it, so I ended up not using it to its fullest unfortunately.

Long story short: With this service you rent the jewelry to wear it through out the month to try it out, you can send it back whenever you want and get as many Rocksbox’s as you like during your subscription if you like the jewelry you can buy it right away and have another box sent to you.  They also give you $10 shine to redeem on something you like (this is new).

WP_20150323_17_05_05_Pro [1191007]WP_20150323_17_05_46_Pro [1191008]
Unlike my first experience with it, they really didn’t understand me that much.  From what I could tell, they sent me items similar to things I have previously purchased.  The problem with that is I don’t want things I all ready have.  I wasn’t as into it as I was previously.  I ended up only using it twice the entire three months that I had it.  They have very nice jewelry, but they changed out the way they do things.  They kept requesting that I add something to my wish list, so they could send it to me or know what it I like (before they didn’t need me to do that and did great).  I like being surprised, so I didn’t want to look at something.  It became too much of a job.

WP_20150323_17_00_59_Pro [1191005] Don’t get me wrong, the jewelry they send is nice, so I am not complaining about the quality, but it felt more been-there-done-that to me. I almost bought the two necklaces on the left (above) because I thought they looked good together, but I couldn’t rationalize the prize. It’s a service currently out of my price range. They gave me a coupon code for my readers, but it expired pretty fast unfortunately.


Fandom of the Month: Mario

WP_20150907_10_04_47_Pro [3435896] The newest Fandom of the Month has arrived and I am so very happy with the theme. It’s as if they wanted me to stay subscribed.  😉  It is Mario themed.  I love the necklace, ring, and keychain.  The keychain is very high quality and heavy weight.  The ring is pretty and delicate (it’s emblem is a gold question mark box), and the necklace is so retro!


Subscription Boxes: Updates

This is the updated list of subscription boxes that I am looking into. I had to narrow down the list even more to a reasonable amount of subscription boxes. I can get too excited at times and put way more than I likely can handle.

Currently Subbed

  1. Good Mouth – $7 (2 tooth brushes & mints)
  2. Fandom of the Month – $13

Plan on Trying Again

  1. SumoJerky  – A straight forward service that delivers delicious and high quality jerky to your door.
  2. Dailylook Elite

The List: Most Wanted

Here is the list of subscription boxes I have found and want to try, in the order I want to try them.  I’m going to try to avoid food based services for the most part since there are 100s of those.  I also want to avoid clothing services and potentially beauty product services.  I will however go for boxes that have a mixture of these things.

  1. Matchbox Mail
  2. Little Lace Box – $59.99
  3. Kawaii Box – $18.90
  4. Fresh Fiction $24.95
  5. Datelivery – $25
  6. Citrus Lane – $29
  7. Awesome Pack – $44.99
  8. GlobeIn Artisan Box – $19.95
  9. Quarterly Co. Rosario Dawson – $50
  10. Game Box $25
  11. MissionCute $39.99
  12. Loot Crate $19.95 (with shipping)
  13. The Planner Addict
  14. Escape Monthly $49.95
  15. Japan Crate $25
  16. Date Crates – Glamping – $40
  17. Your Secret Admirer – $50
  18. The Pleasure Pantry – $29.99 (Whenever I get married)
  19. Boxycharm – $21 (cosmetics)
  20. Le Parcel – $20 (feminine hygiene)
  21. Date Crates – Game of Thrones – $35 (relationship)
  22. Hoppi Box $75 (kid toys)
  23. Graze $11.99 (food)
  24. Date Crates – Sushi Master – $49 (relationship)
  25. Book(ish) Monthly – $29.99 (difficult to come by)
  26. CMY Fabrik Box – $25 (fabric)
  27. HelloFlo – $20 (feminine hygiene)
  28. Candy Box – $20 (all ready subscribed to candy)
  29. Wantable Makeup – $40 (beauty)
  30. Bestowed – $20 (food)
  31. The Period Store (feminine hygiene)
  32. Native Carnivore

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