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Small Hollister Haul


I have no idea what came over me when I decided to enter Hollister. Usually I avoid the place due to loud music and super tiny people clothes, but I decided to give the place another chance. I got this great flannel plaid shirt since my other plaid shirts didn’t fit anymore after my pregnancy.This […]

My posts are scheduled

I am going through some personal troubles at the moment, so any posts you see have been scheduled from previous dates which quite possibly means that in the upcoming month or so there will not be any posts.  Write ya soon if possible.

More to Do in So Cal Part Deux


*This post is in no way sponsored. Since I know most of my traffic is from my post about 10 Great Places to Visit in Southern California, I thought I might write a quick post about a website called 1iota.  Technically, this site works for shows filmed in multiple cities not in Southern California as […]

Little Forever 21 Haul


So, this is a short little haul I have to share with you today. I actually had one short day of shopping at four different stores, but I decided to separate it by store. I got this super cute froggy tooth brush holder while I was in line to get two pairs of knee high […]

Large Fall 2014 ULTA Beauty Haul!!


It had been forever since I went shopping.  I needed to go shopping.  I needed retail therapy, and I needed to celebrate my internship even if it’s just at Walgreens (I am actually glad it’s at Walgreens). I had been browsing the mists of ULTA online for while, and I kept thinking, “After this, I […]

Garden Party


I realize this is a bit out of season, but depending where you live – it isn’t, and it’s never too early to start planning. You don’t need an extravagant garden to host a successful garden party. My friend Courtney and I hosted a garden party in her medium sized back yard. As long as […]

Deals and Coupon Codes! :)

Get 10% off your Fox Car rental with coupon code VZXP000001 $20 of tickets from Game Time (ios and android app) tickets with coupon code GametimeVox Get 20% off at GlassticWaterBottle.com with coupon code Influenster Use this code on ParkJockey.com, iOS app, or Android app to get 20% OFF your next Parking Reservation PJVOX9831 Healthy paws pet […]

Must Have WordPress Plugins


Every time I’ve created a WordPress blog, I just have to add certain plugins or the blog just doesn’t feel complete!  Here are my favorites… All of these plugins can be found by searching on your wordpress installation through install plugins. What to Get First Akismet – This comes with WordPress, and you definitely want […]