What I did this weekend

Oh! Wouldn’t it be grand if I was doing something exciting?  Well, to my knowledge, I am not, but I am excited about the nothing I have planned this weekend. You may be screaming at the computer screen right now, “Why is your subject in past tense, but all your writing is in present?!?!”  Simply [...]

August Favorites


This month I focus less on products than normal because I haven’t been able to take a breather long enough to try anything new. 1. I did some baking.  I made sugar cookies in the shape of hearts that said I love you and in the shape of stars that said thank you.  The hearts [...]

Personality, what’s that?


I realize my posts haven’t had a lot of personality lately.  That’s because I’ve been a very busy girl.  I also strangely don’t like how it feels when I type on my laptop.  Yeah, I’m a weirdo.  Well, luckily for me, this weekend should be spent playing catch up on many things including posts for [...]