Subscription Boxes: Updates


This is the updated list of subscription boxes that I am looking into. I had to narrow down the list even more to a reasonable amount of subscription boxes. I can get too excited at times and put way more than I likely can handle. Currently Subbed Candy Club $33.99 (I got it for $13.99 for […]

Why I Love Netflix (DVDs)

Netflix, let me count the ways I love you...

This is a short little spiel about the underappreciated nature of the Netflix DVD.  I have been a member of Netflix since *checks website* 2005, and they were founded in 1997 (according to Wikipedia).  I guess they didn’t make a profit until 2003.  Probably why I thought they weren’t founded until then. I am sure […]

Thing to Do: Pageant of the Masters


 For my birthday, I wanted experiences.  Not stuff.  I have soooo much stuff.  One of the experiences I was hoping for was Pageant of the Masters at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts, and I got it. It was incredible.  Sadly, they don’t let you take pictures of the amazingness, so you can just look at […]

July Fandom of the Month: The Hunger Games


This is a great little box. My first box wasn’t quite fitting for me as I have never read nor saw any of the Hunger Games books or movies.  Strange thing is, I knew right away it was Hunger Games as soon as I saw the pouch.  It came with a few things, but my favorite […]