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10 Great Places to Visit in Southern California

California Screamin'  Despite thinking Disneyland is overrated, I don’t think California Adventure is.

  • It’s for the adult theme park goer.
  • It’s still a tad expensive for what it is
  • Everything great about California in one place
  • Enjoyable food
  • Wine is sold
  • They have no additional cost concerts on the weekends
  • The rides are worth the wait in line
  • The lines are not nearly as long as they are at other theme parks.
  • Carnival feel

Reflecting pool   Balboa Park is extremely beautiful and a great place to have a wedding.  If you’re not looking to get married any time soon, you could always just pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery.  It’s free after all, and it’s also surrounded by several great San Diego museums.

La Jolla, CA.

La Jolla, CA is a cute little city San Diego, CA adjacent.  It houses UCSD medical center and what some call “seal beach”.  Head to this beach if you wish to see seals swimming or sunbathing on the beach. Not the beach to go to for swimming, however, as there are many rocks.

Mission Inn

The Mission Inn in Riverside, CA is not too far from where I live in comparison to the locations listed above.  Inside there are cute shops as well as a restaurant with great food.  In the courtyard area, there are even move restaurants and boutiques.  At Christmas time, it’s the place to be.  Stage Coaches are every where offering rides around the mission to view the festivities as well as Christmas decor.  There is even an added ice rink.  If you go on the weekends, expect long lines for everything.


Photo Taken by Me :)

The Getty Center is an amazing place to go – definitely plan to be there your whole day, so you can experience as much as possible.  It’s free to be there, but parking isn’t free, so make sure to bring at least some cash.

Pack a lunch or don’t – they have restaurants and coffee carts.

Amazing architecture, gardens, art, and fountains, so a camera is a must.

Calico Ghost Town

I went to Calico Ghost town as a child, the memories are few, but happy, so if you want a place to take your child, add it to the list.  It’s also near Mammoth mountain, so if you go during the right time of year you could go skiing, too, but heed my warning: Mammoth is a dormant volcano.  If you’ve ever seen Dante’s Peak, it can be kind of exciting yet scary.

Medieval Times. Buena Park, CA

Medieval Times is a little hokey and definitely fake, but it is worth seeing at least once.  You get hefty portions of food while enjoying live entertainment including a story and jousting.  It’s a bit expensive though unless you go on your birthday – it’s free on your birthday. 😀

Yun Zi - Baby Giant Panda - IMG_1696In terms of Zoos, the San Diego Zoo is where it’s at.  If you want a great atmosphere and awesome exhibits avoid all other Southern California Zoos and head over to the San Diego one.  The best array of animals hands down.

Other Great Places to Visit:

Lake Arrowhead, CA – Snowboarding or a relaxing getaway
Big Bear Mountain Resorts – Snowboarding


Agree? Disagree?  What are your favorite places in Southern California?

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    Came across this site as I googled, “places to visit in southern california”. Extremely useful information for a Bay Area woman that knows very little of Southern CA. Thanks for sharing!

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